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Shen Jingdong

left 1Essay On “Hero” series of Shen Jingdong

The image that Shen Jingdong’s “hero” series created is an image of the soldiers with certain identity. This image is hardly to tell who the specific soldier is. His facial features are vague, and in fact he is a man in common sense. In clothing and attitude which stand his identity his individuality is replaced by a common ideology.

The image of the soldier which was named hero is out of refinement. They are created into four kinds of people, which are the red, the yellow, the bald and the soldiers with hat. The yellow soldiers possess a hue of humanity, and the red soldiers stand for the solemn atmosphere of revolution. Their bodies are not only dressed in the uniform dress, but also have a fixed correct upright posture. This kind of image comes from his experience in the army. Almost every soldier with certain personality will be uniformed in the end after joining the army.

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